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Initial Investigations - Private Investigators In New Jersey:

   Videotape Independent Medical Evaluations

  • Auto Accident Investigations
    • Notarized witness statements
    • Accident site photographs / participating vehicle photographs
    • Traffic light timing recreation
    • Accident diagrams
    • Insurance fraud photographs
    • Medical bills and insurance payments review
  • Asset Searches / Locating Missing Persons
    • ​​With minimal information from the client, we can generally obtain and provide the following:
      • Subject name and aliases
      • Current address and telephone number; previous addresses
      • Date of birth
      • Social Security number and place of issuance
      • Drivers License number and status
      • Last listed place of employment.
      • Statewide motor vehicle ownership / property ownership
      • Equity and encumbrance search on single property
      • Corporations in which subject is an officer, director, or registered agent
      • Professional licenses
      • List of associated persons or family members residing with subject
      • Marriage and divorce records
      • Corporate records by officer, director, or owner;  general officer/owner information
      • UCC filings / Public records
      • Equity and encumbrance searches
  • Subpoena Services
    • ​​includes service of summons and complaints
    • all court documents requiring personal service

Not all services available in all states.  Please call to confirm availability.  Services available both as packages and individually.


  • Videotape Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Liability / Workers' Comp Investigations
    • Liability / Workers' Comp accidnet review
    • Notarized witness statements
    • Diagrams
    • Photographs
  • Criminal Investigations
    • Complete investigation of criminal act
    • Notarized witness statements
    • Statewide criminal records review
    • Photographs
  • Employment Background Searches 
  • Tenant Background Searches
  •  Pre-marital Background Searches
  •  Credit Reports Searches
  •   Division of Motor Vehicles​ Searches


Subpoena Services

Locating missing persons / birth parents / children

Liability / Workers' Comp Investigations

Searches including Employment

​   Background and Tenant Background

Criminal Investigations

Asset Searches

Auto Accident Investigations

  • Surveillance

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